Setting Records!

So with the loss tonight to the Montreal Canadiens, the Tampa Bay Lightning have clenched the record for the most overtime losses in one season. So who knew that while we were earning 1 point 18 times, that we would go down in NHL history as one of the worst! We have lost 5 out of 6 of our last games in OT. Now if this was the beginning of the season I would be semi-ok with this. But since we keep gaining points in OT we are now only third worst in the NHL. I know its a little backwards to be mad about this, but the Colorado Avalanche are a point behind us, and we are 9 points ahead of the New York Islanders. With only 8 games left, we have to stop winning RIGHT NOW if we want to draft top rated winger John Tavares, or monstrous defenseman Victor Hedman. Hedman is 6’7″ just in case you were wondering. The kid is a 19 year old Zedeno Charra, just with more skill.

So the moral of this story is if you are down by two in Montreal, don’t have David Koci and Lucas Krajicek, who usually cant score to save their Grandma’s lives, score goals just so we can have a worse draft pick.

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  • dollllaaazzzzz22

    I would have to agree that The only good that could come out of this draft is a Swedish giant. The only thing is that as a fan i am extremely disappointed in the play last night. Ramo was the only player that seemed to give a damn for the first two offensive less periods. Then, when you think its over and the NCAA tournament is calling for you to change the channel David Koci Scores, yes Koci of all people gets us back into the game. and of course we do the one and only thing that we seem to be consistent in all year, LOSS IN OVERTIME. All I’ve got to say is that if it wasn’t for Stamkos i wonted be looking at season ticket prices for next year.

  • dollllaaazzzzz22

    CORRECTION “I would have to agree that The only good that could come out of this SEASON is a Swedish giant” not draft. John Tavares will most likely be a stud for what ever team he plays for. We just need another forward that can score but no defense.