It Was A Bust!

So the Washinton Capitals finished off our home schedule with a bang. Well it was less of a bang and more of a thump. Or maybe it was a thud? Whatever it was, it was the sound a team makes when they are second worst in the league and are being beat by a bunch of All-Stars. It was a interesting 1st period with our resident rookie phenom Mr. Steven Stamkos breaking the franchise record for most goals scored in a rookie season. I hate to harp, but wasn’t he not ready for the NHL? But I digress. The rest of the game looked like a typical Lightning give-up-festival with us being out shot and scored on by Mike Green and Brooks Laich. Ovie didn’t score any goals but is so fun to watch, even when he is making your defenders look like lameos. But we needed the loss to try and secure the highest draft pick we can.

So this is not why this post is called “It Was a Bust”. If you remember a few posts ago I told you that my brother and I were invited to a little get together hosted by the Lightning for all of the people who renewed their season tickets. We were lead to believe that it was going to be a meet and greet, because the organization said it was going to be! They also said that there would be food and drinks there for us to enjoy. Here is where the BUST comes in. It was not a meet and greet. It was an autograph session where there were no photos with players allowed. There was also no food there, unless you count the cookies that I am pretty sure were left overs from the game. I also called the guest list of players a few days back. I said that there were gonna be 3rd and 4th liners there and I was kind of right. Marty St. Louis and goalie Mike Smith were the most notable attendees, along with defenseman Matt Smaby and winger Jeff Halpern. After that the list basically turns into the starting line-up for the Norfolk Admirals, the Bolts farm team.

So the night was a total bust, along with another loss. The only way this night could get any worse is if Burger King takes forever to make my Whopper Jr’s or my girlfriend breaks up with me. But I don’t think that could really happen…

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