Don't Be Stupid

My brother and I were discussing this on the way to a meeting to take over the world earlier today. The Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has already said that the Leafs want to move up in the draft. They are willing to trade players and picks in order to move up. The specifics of the conversation we had went a little like this…

if the Bolts trade their pick, it better be for the world, or im getting a refund on my season tickets for next season..

If the Bolts consider trading their #2 pick in the draft, it better be because Tomas Kaberle and Pavel Kubina are in the trade offer. We need a good puck moving monstrous defenseman and that’s what Victor Hedman, the number two pick in the draft, represents to this team. If we trade that pick it better be for good reasons.

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  • theLadyLovestheLightning

    I heard that the Lighting might do some boneheaded stuff during this draft….I’ll be in line for my money back too!!! (right behind you)

  • John F

    Victor Hedman, at the time you posted this, was the “other” top prospect in the draft. Both he and London Knights center John Tavares are considered to be head-and-shoulders above the rest of the draft field (in a draft that is considered very deep).

    And though I’m replying to a post that’s several weeks old, I do want to point out that the New York Islanders haven’t outright said they’ll select Tavares. So, what do the Lightning do if Hedman actually goes #1? Better question: what are people willing to pay for the pick if John Tavares is still on the board after that first selection?

    In my mind, the Bolts, on draft day, would be better just getting Hedman and not even entertaining offers. But if Tavares (who is an offensive might) should not be selected #1 overall, then I’d listen to offers.

  • http://PewterPlank Dustin Staggers

    If Hedman goes number one, I think the talk of trading Vinny will be a reality. I think that is the silver lining in this whole thing that nobody is talking about. We would then probably trade Vinny for a fat haul, take Tavares, and move Stammer to the first line. It would piss off the fan base, but in this scenario there actually is some logic to it.