Busy Day So Far

Today is the first day of free agency for the NHL 2009-2010 season. Already there have been a bevy of moves. The Bolts have made some improvements to the largest problem area on the ice. Today they signed free agents Matias Ohlund, from the Vancouver Canucks, as well as Matt Walker, from the Chicago Blackhawks.  Matias Ohlund is the veteran defender that we need for our mostly young defensive corps. He will also be a good mentor to fellow country man, and top draft choice,Victor Hedman. Walker is a physical guy that will make his presence known.

So for those who are keeping track, that’s 3 signings, all defensemen. Id say the ownership has gotten on the same page about our teams biggest problems.

Also thought this was interesting. This is a video of former Bolts, Shane O’Brien, getting into it with Matias Ohlund. The two ended up being team mates last season, and now Ohlund is a Bolts. Probably not as funny as i thought it was in my mind.

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  • http://PewterPlank Dustin Staggers

    I love the Ohlund signing to be perfectly honest. It’s a smidge on the long side, but the value is certainly there. If he can tutor young Hedman into becoming the stud that he is projected to be, he will be worth every dollar. Matt Walker is a player that I grew to like while watching the playoffs this season, and should be a solid addition to the blue line.

  • http://PewterPlank Dustin Staggers

    By the way, this is one of my favorite fighting games ever as a Lightning fan. Vinny worked up pansy ass Alex Burrows, and than Burrows got beat to the ground later in the game by Chris Gratton.