I Keep Trying to Defend Him

Tonight the Bolts lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in a 6 to 2 rout. If you watch the highlights from tonights game, you will see that it wasn’t all poor goal tending that got us into this mess. Our defense didn’t do much to help in the way of stopping some of the best goal scorers in the league from putting on a clinic.

Earlier today I spent 10 minutes with a friend debating how good of a goalie I think Mike Smith is, and could be. My friend is the kind of hockey fan that screams “SHOOT!!” when our team is on the power play and trying to get a defender out of position with passing, so I take his opinion with a grain of salt.  He, and others alike, have said how BAD Smitty is and how much better of a goalie Antero Niittymaki is for our club. So lets give this a good old fashion debate.

Niitty has played 66 games more in the NHL then Smitty. This is how their numbers compare. Smitty’s numbers will be listed 1st, the Niity’s after on the same line…

  1. Wins:     S -43          N-64
  2. Losses:      S-45          N-62
  3. Goals Allowed:       S-265          N-464
  4. Shots against:     S-2,873          N-4,739
  5. Goal Against Average:       S-2.61          N-2.99
  6. Save Percentage:       S-.908          N-.902

So what this looks like to me, is that with an extra season of experience under his belt for Antero, him and Mike have very very similar numbers, with Smitty edging Niitty on the GAA and the Save%. So as far as the debate on who is better goes, the numbers aren’t really going to solve anything.

Antero has a better win/loss record this season so far, but has seen less ice time than Smith

Smith was out for the second half of last season with Post Concussion Syndrome so could still be shaking off the rust.

I guess we could keep this going all night with a back in forth but I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing and defending our mediocre record of 4-4-4. We have a good team that could be slow to start, so I’m gonna give it more than 12 games before I make my final decision. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section.

I have made my final decision on one thing though. GOOD LAWD THAT STEVEN STAMKOS IS A STUD!! The kid is tied for second in the entire NHL with 11 goals, behind the unstoppable Alex Ovechkin. My 40 goal prediction is looking like it is going to get smashed!! Go to hell Barry Melrose

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  • Kyle

    never thought you’d throw me out there like that but it’s all good I still love you. I may not have watched nearly as much hockey as you but I’ve played the sport and watched enough to know that “right now” nitty is the better goaltender based on their performances this year it’s clear that smitty is not living up to yours and every ones elses expectations. You’re stats don’t say a lot, they sat that these 2 have performed realtively the same throughout their careers. My argument is that so far this year smitty has played like dirt and when nittymaki plays I feel like we don’t look like a bunch of tools. I hope I’m wrong and smitty ends up being a shut down goalie and plays for us for a long time but right now he’s more like a Jamarcus Russel, the guy that’s got all the tools in the world but can’t get it translate to the ice. Love ya buddy.

  • http://www.myspace.com/soslowg20 imnamingmy1stchildvinny

    i meant to follow that up with a joke, or a comment about your football knowledge but i guess it wasnt written. I agree with what you are saying. but in our conversation earlier you made it seem like you though smitty was terrible, and that the answer was niitty. My stats were trying to point out that the two have extremely similar numbers, with their wins and losses having close percentages, as well as their gaa and s%, and that since they were so evenly matched, that giving up on a guy after 7 games might not be the answer is all. Smitty is most definitely playing lake garbage as of late, but I still think he gives us the best chance of winning. I might eat those words, but i hope not. And i def love you too buddy!

  • Matthew Lento


  • http://www.myspace.com/soslowg20 imnamingmy1stchildvinny

    Hey Matthew. Im sorry to tell you this, but you are second in line my friend!! I love him as well!!!