My Likes And Dislikes To Date

While sitting, well mostly standing, and watching my Bolts lose yet another Shootout to the Las Angeles Kings, I decided that I would write about the things that I like and dislike about this season so far. So here goes…

LIKE: Right off the bat, you have to like the play of Mr. 40 goals Steven Stamkos. My brother and I predicted that he would score 40+ goals this season, and he is already off to a blistering start with his 13 goals, which ties him for 2nd in the NHL. He is 18th overall in the points race right now. His defensive game has improved as well. Enough said. He is a stud

DISLIKE: I extremely dislike shootout loses. I don’t understand them. We have a team that should crush shootouts. Lecavalier, St. Louis, Stamkos, Malone, and Tanguay are all very talented shooters (well most of them are, i’ll get to that later on) Regardless they should be able to put up goals in the shootout. We already have 6 OT losses this season, 4 of those games are ones that we had no business losing, and the other 2 we had no business being in so i’m thankful for those points. We need to find a way to finish games in regulation.

LIKE: I do like how physical of a team we have become. The signing of Mattias Ohlund, Zenon Konopka, and Steve Downie, have turned our team into a club that shows no mercy. Ohlund has unleashed some hits already this year that are highlight reel worthy. Zenon will fight anyone, and so will Downie. Zenon leads the league in penalty minutes, and Downie is in the top 10. Those two guys may be small, but they don’t mess around! This is most likely a direct result of having a guy like Rick Tocchett as our coach. He was a grinder in his day and I wouldn’t expect him to coach any other way.

DISLIKE: Alex Tanguay. Enough said.

No i’m kidding, not enough said, because I haven’t talked about how mad I am that this front office bought out Vinny Prospal (who is 16th in points for the entire NHL) to sign this schmo, who only has 9 points. Tanguays’ 9 points has him tied for 161st in the league. His play has been really garbage thus far. We could have just used the money we payed for him to buy extra trash cans for the ice clean up crew, or new napkin dispensers for the Forum. That stuff is at least useful.

UGH. If you don’t know what UGH looks like it’s this….

LIKE: You have to love the play of goalie Antero Niittymaki thus far in the season. It looks like he might be getting the look as starting goalie until either him or Mike Smith proves that it should be otherwise. Antero has lead the league, or been in the top five for goals against average, and save percentage for the last week. I still have faith in Mike Smith, but there is no reason to pull Niitty while he is hot!

DISLIKE:  I don’t really have too many other dislikes. Now that Paul Ranger is on the Injured Reserve, I don’t have to write about how I think he sucks.

I wish our record was better, but picking up points in Shootouts and overtime is better than not. I have faith in our Bolts. Do Work!!

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  • Brian C

    You’re going to eat those words at the end of the season pal…

    Alex Tanguay is an incredibly skilled player, proven winner, a Stanley Cup Champion, and has never missed the playoffs in nine years of playing professional hockey. His point numbers are slightly behind Prospal’s but I would take him over Vinny ANY day.

    Not every NHL player goes to a brand new team and starts dominating the game like they used to. He’s finally starting to turn it up on the production and it can be seen in how confident he is with the puck…

    Did you not see his almost point per game performance during the 2000 cup playoffs? The guy is a winner and you will eat those words come the end of this season.

  • kyle

    You know what Brian, I sure hope I do. All I want is a successful Lightning team. I am merely pointing out that as of now, this is a boneheaded move. If we were judging our players performances off of what they did 9 years ago, your comments on the 2000 Stanley cup would be a tad more relevant than they are. Also, the 11 point difference between Prospal and Tanguay as of now would be described as a little more than “slightly” behind. This might work better. The difference in points between Prospal and Tanguay is slighty less than the total number of points that Tanguay has this season!

  • ntvd7

    “As of now” being the key words ;-)

    And I meant that he’s slightly behind Prospal in total points in their respective careers (599 for Vinny / 580 for Tanguay)

    I’ll admit that I was really shocked that Tanguay didn’t come here and hit it off immedietely with the “French Connection” but you can see the confidence in his game now. He’s not gripping his stick as tight and he’s being far more patient with the puck.

    All good signs for the Lightning ;-)

  • kyle

    Agreed. I want him to prove me wrong. With him and Vinny both having 3 point games the other night it seems like something might be changing. Sure hope so!!

  • Adrian

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  • Kyle

    Hey thanks Adrian!! Hope you come back often!

  • Gabby Ryan

    I personally don’t like Tango, I don’t think he is a good fit for the team at all, and on the ice it looks like he doesn’t care. Whining about how it was “unfair” that Tocc benched him and not other players. If he’s gonna complain about the coach’s decisions and not produce when he’s on the ice, then he deserves to be benched. I’m glad I’m not the only person who can’t stand this guy on the Lightning. Literally every time I see him at games or during practices, I think “UGH, please just leave and don’t come back.”

  • Alex

    Hey – whats up. Thanks a bunch for the info. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back over here in a few days to see if there is any more info.

  • http://pewterplank Dustin

    Gabby Ryan – every time the ice girls and the guys come out with the shovels during tv timeouts, my brother always jokes that’s where Tanguay belongs.

    He doesn’t look like he tries, and when he does, he just isn’t very good anymore.