Even More Reason To Hate Team Canada

No Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St Louis or Steven Stamkos?   Are you serious?

Team Canada unveiled its roster today much to the chagrin of the 200 or so Lightning fans on earth and all three of our guys were left off the roster.  It wasn’t even two weeks ago that I told my brother, if Team USA leaves Ryan Malone off the roster, I’m rooting for Team Canada.  I said that because there was some speculation that Steve Yzerman, after the disappointment of 2006′s team, that they were going to try and pair up guys who played on the same team whenever possible, leaving open the possibility that all three of our guys could play on the same line, and that Ryan Malone might not make Team USA.  It would have made for an easy switch for a diehard Lightning fan.

Vincent Lecavalier – 37 points – Tied for 12th in the league in scoring

Martin St Louis – 7th in the league in scoring

Steven Stamkos – Tied for 12th in the league in scoring and one of the future 1st liners for Team Canada


That is 12th and 7th in the whole league, not in the fictional Canadian Hockey League that doesn’t really exist.  Mind you, there are 7 Team Canada players in front of Vinny and Stammer and 3 in front of Marty as far as total points in 2009 is concerned, but that is 7 total guys.  You’re telling me a third line of Vinny4, Stammer and Marty wouldn’t be powerhouse.

I’m guessing the lines for Team Canada will go…

Crosby, Iginla, Nash

Thorton, Perry, Heatley

Toews, Morrow, Marleau

Staal, Bergeron, Richards

Our 3 guys could have made it over Morrow, Marleau, Staal or Bergeron.

I’ve always hated Team Canada during the Olympics, and this year, that hatred will be exacerbated by the lack of any Lightning players, 3 of the biggest Canadian hockey stars there are.

  • Steve

    Vincent Lecavalier didn’t make team Canada because we are loaded with centers. Who’s place would he take? Crosby’s? Maybe I could see Stall being left off considering the season he had but Stall is better in the defensive end. I can’t believe you even suggested that any of the top 3 Canadian Lightening players are even close to Marleau.

    Also you might want to do more research before making a post. That roster and more specifically those lines are way off… Theres another Duck player your missing.

  • http://pewterplank Dustin

    I actually like the amount of research I do before making posts, but thanks.

    There is another Duck on the roster, but I didn’t put Dmen up there.

    Maybe you should do some actual reading before you post.

    As far as Vinny to Staal is concerned, its a no brainer, Vinny.

    You still didn’t address why Yzerman would want to leave off a 19 year old player who is in the top 25 in scoring, and will be a part of Team North of America French for the next decade and a half. Or based on your premise that you have too many pivots, why you would leave a guy in the top 10 in scoring off the roster in Martin St Louis.