Why Does it Smell So Bad in Here?

Question: Why does it smell so bad in here?

Answer: It’s because the entire building is full of Montreal Canadiens fans! Well not entirely full, and not all Montreal Fans. I think I may need to share a few things before I continue with this post so you know where its coming from.

My list of hated sports teams goes something like this:

1.) New England Patriots

2.) Philadelphia Flyers..ugh

3.)The Cowboys, Eagles, Yankees, and Red Socks all share this spot.

4.)Any Canadian hockey team (including this years Olympic team, but minus the Canucks)

My list is built like this for many extremely petty reasons. The Patriots are in the top spot because they beat my Pittsburgh Steelers in too many AFC Championship games. The Flyers..ugh…are in the second spot because the entire team is made up of a bunch of dirtbags, and their fan base is comprised of mostly the same. The third spot is filled with a bunch of teams with cocky fans and bandwagoneers, which I don’t like. The fourth spot doesn’t really match my reasoning for the others. I don’t like Canadian hockey teams (minus the Canucks), because their fans travel SO WELL. So well in fact, that fans like my brother and I, know that the games are going to be full of energy and cheers, just not for our home team.

As angry as I may seem on this website, I am actually quite the respectful fan in real life. I scream things at the top of my lungs, mainly at the refs and Alex Tanguay, but never with profanity out of respect for others. But when it comes to Canadians, there is just something about them that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe its the unspoken arrogance that they seem to possess because hockey is god in their frozen homeland, or it’s the horrible French language. Whatever it is, I know I don’t enjoy them. Except “Ted”. “Ted” is a Canadian who drove 23 hours to vacation here in our beautiful state, like many of the other Canadian hockey fans do, because the city in Canada where he lives is -15 right now. Yeah, that’s an actual temperature! The thing that set “Ted” apart from the other Canadians in the building is that he came to support the Lightning (and almost fight other rowdy Canadians, but we wont get into that part.) I am using quotes for his name because I actually don’t know it, but figured he looked like a Ted. He and his wife were good people, whose daughter actually dated our own Paul Szczechura at one point in her life. “Ted” was a nice guy, and I am glad I got to meet at least one Canadian that I liked in my entire life.

So with all of that said, our Bolts faced off against Conference foe Montreal, in a game that ended in OT with  The Bolts falling 2 to 1.  Smitty played extremely well again in a game where he faced 35 shots, and the rest of his team seemed to be getting outplayed. Kurtis Foster put the only goal up for us. He also almost broke Scott Gomez’s leg with a slap shot.  It literally took everything Gomez had to get back to the bench on his own. With the point in the OT loss, we are tied for 8th in the playoff race, with the Canadiens in 7th with 43 points. We have earned points in 3 out of 4 games of our 5 game home stand.The Penguins come into town on Saturday. Hopefully Sidney Crosby has shaved that sad excuse for a mustache by then….

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