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Been there, done that...

What will this mean for Martin St. Louis?

Ryan Bristlon: These questions were posed to me by William Morden, lead writer for My answer to this question is: What do you mean? Aside from what I mentioned in my previous answer, about his incredible work-ethic, and respect league-round, this signing shouldn’t affect St. Louis status or performance in any way. If anything, St. Louis, like every other player on the team, should only view this signing as positive, and should be able to feed on the excitement of Stamkos’ signing as well as Stamkos’ own (expected) performance.

William Morden: What do I mean? I will tell you what I mean… St. Louis signed a contract extension last July to stay in Tampa until 2015 for a little under $6mil/year, and he (not Stamkos) has led the team in scoring for the past three years. I bet this deal lights a little fire in his belly, and he comes out and competes for the team’s top-scorer again. Not because he’s jealous or bitter, but because, that’s just the kind of player he is… feisty, never-say-die, ready-or-not-here-I-am, all-star, Stanley Cup champion! He wants to see Stamkos succeed probably more than Stamkos’ own mother, and St. Louis knows better than most Bolts that adversity and challenge will bread that success! I imagine he would say to Stamkos, “Congratulations on the contract, young buck… now, let’s see you score more points than me!”

Decisions, decisions...

What will this mean for Teddy Purcell?

Ryan Bristlon: Teddy Purcell has his arbitration hearing tomorrow. Any team would be happy to have a player like Purcell on their roster, and Tampa Bay is included on that list. Yzerman has gone on record stating his respect for Purcell’s play. The fact is, does Tampa Bay have enough money left? No one really knows what Purcell is asking for. The signing of Steven Stamkos gives more credibility to the club as being a winning team. Purcell could see this signing as an opportunity to jump on the band-wagon, so to speak. Every NHL player wants to be on a winning team – a team that has potential to win a Stanley Cup. Signing Stamkos could cause Purcell to potentially lower his asking price simply to stay on a winning club. But, in the broad sense of things (and this writer says this without any offense to Purcell’s play), the biggest signing is done. If it was a matter of one or the other, anyone would select Steven Stamkos over Teddy Purcell at this point in time.

William Morden: 51 points + Steven Stamkos – Game 7 loss to Boston = $X.xx Million OR a potential cup run… that’s undoubtedly something similar to the equation being crunched by Teddy Purcell and his agent Kent Hughes. I agree with you Ryan, some things are worth their weight in sterling silver, and I doubt Purcell will be splitting hairs with Yzerman at the hearing tomorrow morning. Look for an agreement to be reached, and the drama to cease in Tampa Bay.

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