Please, Welcome Your Tampa Bay Lightning!!!

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Now, we turn to one of our newest writers to review the players no longer sporting the home team Bolt.

Lora Andrews

Coming into the new season, with an amazing offseason last year, I think we have a lot to live up to. I can only hope that we can make this season better than the last. We had a couple roster changes, but a lot of the big players remain. I have confidence that we can do well this season, and hopefully put up better numbers.  I think we have a really good chance of making it to the playoffs this season, but it’s too soon to say whether I think we’d make it to the Stanley Cup Finals or not.

Sean Bergenheim to Florida Panthers

Bergy will be missed especially due to his fantastic performance during the playoffs last season. When he signed with the Lightning he had 14 goals in 80 games in the regular season, but when he left the Lightning he finished with 9 goals in 16 games with victories over the Penguins and a sweep of the Capitals in the playoffs. He definitely put us on the board when we needed it.

Simon Gagne to LA Kings

It’s not completely bad that Gagne didn’t re-sign. When he’s healthy, he has the ability to be a great player, but it seems like he isn’t ever healthy. I think we will be just fine without him, and it saves us the hassle of wondering if he’ll be healthy enough to play.

Randy Jones to Winnipeg Jets

Randy Jones got the most GPs in his season with the Tampa Bay Lightning then he’s gotten in the last 3 NHL seasons.He really hasn’t had an outstanding career for me to know him that well.

Mike Lundin to Minnesota Wild

Mike Lundin hasn’t put much on the board for the Lightning since the 2007-2008 season with 81 GP. Although last season was his next highest GP. This will be his first year in the NHL not playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Matt Smaby to Anaheim Ducks

Smaby was drafted in 2003, by the Tampa Bay Lightning, started his first season in 2007. He was sent to the AHL two times since he started his NHL career. He wasn’t put enough numbers on the board that would make him worth keeping.

Mike Smith to Phoenix Coyotes

Whenever I knew Mike Smith would be in goal I was worried due to his unreliability and experience in the net. He backed up Roloson during the playoffs, but it was very nervewracking during a crucial moment.

Lora’s Favorite Bolt?

Marty St. Louis – There is no doubt that Marty St. Louis is my favorite player. He has been since day 1 when I chose to be a Lightning fan at the age of 16. He was on the team that helped lead us to the playoffs, and eventually win the cup. That’s always been a highlight in my eyes. After researching, and learning more about Marty, I’ve come to know who he is. He’s an inspiration, because he kept on pushing for his dreams and overcoming the struggles when everybody told him that he’d never make it in the NHL due to his height. Now, it’s very obvious that he’s proved them wrong. What is even better, is that he’s also proved that even the undrafted players can make it in the NHL and do well. His stats speak for themselves, even in the dark years, he tried to shine through. It will definitely be a shock when he retires, but until then let’s hope for Marty’s NHL career to continue being great.

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