Vote For Vinny, Marty, & Stammer For The All-Star Game!

It’s not too late to vote for our three who are on the ballot:
Cpt. Vinny Lecavalier, A. Cpt. Marty St. Louis, & acting A Cpt. Steven Stamkos!
You can personally write in another choice as well. I wrote in Marc-Andre Bergeron for being one of the top scoring defensemen in the league.
They didn’t have his name on ballot, yet they had Sidney Crosby who hadn’t played at all at the time of making the ballot.

Let’s show the NHL that this is more than a popularity contest!  Vote today! And tomorrow.
You can view the video from The Tampa Bay Lightning’s main page here:
Tampa Bay Lightning Vote For All-Star Ballot

Quick Quiz:
Who was The Lightning’s first All-Star? How many times was he an All-Star?

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