After 7 Straight Losses, What Is The Tampa Bay Lightning To Do?

Once again, another game day has come and gone for the Tampa Bay Lightning and once again, we must put a check mark in the loss column. Today’s 6-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on home ice surely dented not only the team in some ways, but definitely the fans. I’m pretty sure I’m on a list of people to whack with a stick at this point for some fans. For the reasons explained in a previous post, we fans all have our own way of dealing with our fan passion. I can say I have been slathered-up right good with an intense amount of disprespect over the last two Bolts outings. Although, some of this is part of what happens when one ventures into Washington Capital’s territory and attempts to enjoy a good hockey game.

The twitter feeds, blogs, articles and other virtual goodies are chock full of nuts. No wait, that’s a brand of coffee. I’m about as nutty as a jar of Planters Salted Party Mix, so it’s safe to think I’m of the “nuts are good” side of things. No wait, you went there didn’t you? As it may seem, I’ve chosen to go the levity route with regard to Lightning hockey as it now appears to be snooping around the bottom of the pond looking for tiny particles of sustenance in what is becoming the Eastern Conference push for playoff spots.

Being the sort who in many ways, thinks like a player, I understand how annoying my persistant tenacity in maintaining focus on each game as it unfolds, rather than allowing the possiblity of impending doom to overtake me. If I project past the next single game in my noodle, I’d be something that is not me at all. Knowing full well I’m not actually an NHL hockey player, it’s still exactly from where my perspective comes and not one single player should put a blade on ice carrying the burden of games and outcomes yet to be played. For players, panic, gloom and unfocused thoughts, fettered with glimpses of golf courses in Apri,l are the stealthy mind-Ninjas that silently, quickly and with ruthless precision destroy the hard, no quit, battle within. That’s doesn’t sound like a great festival of frivolity does it? If it does, I’ve several specialists who always have their doors open and await their chance to see you through to the other side. You can find a way, I just know it.

So what are the Bolts to do? Keep playing hockey. If Vinny Lecalveliar has to introduce his knuckles to Malkin’s smug mug, then that’s what needs to happen. If Mr. Stam Coat (as a young, hockey playing fan has now renamed his favorite player Steven Stamkos) has to tangle with dudes from D.C., then that’s what needs to happen. If Bugsy’s (Ryan Malone) spawn has to be the most adorable back-of-the-curly-locked bean on the planet, so be it.

I’m going to start watching for people taking numbers and once spotted, brace for a beat-down with random sticks, but I’m still going to Be The Thunder, each and every game, each and every shift, for all 60 minutes no matter which fan from any barn wants to feel about it. I’m not giving instructions or making some sort of grand gesture with my variety of fandom, I’m just being true to my best feeling of how the Hockey Gods created the “Hockeyverse” in which I exist.

Believe me Bolts Nation, there are times when I get those little twinges, accumulating at greater rates as each and every game is played, that give me incredible urges to think the Hockey Gods have been out at “Key Parties” this season experimenting with designer drugs and running around with lace panties on their heads. I do wish the Hockey Gods would wipe their noses, tuck in their shirts and show a modicum of the respect for the fact that our boys are out their doing what they can to be The Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s just unprofessional (much like Mike Milbury). Go Bolts!

By the way, I snarked-up this post like other teams get away with penalties against our Bolts, so please consider yourself informed. I’m not Steve Yzerman, Guy Boucher, Dwaye Roloson or the fan who tolerates other hockey fans mentioning their man-parts and my lady-parts in loud, brutal fashion in front of little kids who just want to see all the greatness of what is NHL hockey, so what do I know?

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