Brittany Zion with volunteers of Operation Helping Hand and American Legion Post 5 & Auxiliary at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital

Remembering On Memorial Day

Veteran's Graves At The American Legion Cemetery Photo Taken By: Dolly Reynolds-Dolce

Veteran's Graves At The Post 5 American Legion Cemetery In Tampa Photo Taken By: Dolly Reynolds-Dolce

On this Memorial Day, I’d like to take a moment to remember the veterans that have served our country and paid the ultimate price for our great nation.
As you go to your picnics or the beach, relax at home, go to work, or attend a Memorial Day service, please take a moment to remember those who have died so that
you may have the freedom to do so.
Thank you to the families, as they serve as well. Many men and women have lost their lives in battle for us over too many wars. They have also lost their lives on
both foreign land and U.S. soil. Sometimes in training or an a non-military related accident. However what a lot of people fail to realize is how many veterans
live their every day lives suffering because of the time that they served. There are the ones who have mental health problems. PTSD is very real. Many have a
physical disability that they have to live with. So many have diabetes, cancer, respiratory problems, and issues that we don’t even know about. My grandfather,
a 30 year Marine Corps Mustang who served in World War 2, Vietnam, and Korea aside working on the first ever HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Squadron,
battled cancer on and off throughout his retirement. Also diabetes, osteoporosis, and pain that I couldn’t even imagine. He encountered Agent Orange in Vietnam.
He never really retired, as he cared for the Post 5 American Legion Cemetery on Kennedy Blvd in Tampa for years. He served as Post Commander, was involved with
so many organizations, and helped so many people. He traveled all over fighting for Veteran’s rights and educating people on Patriotism through his many programs.
I write this not only to bring honor to Lt. Col. Daniel W. Hall, Jr. but to bring up the point that there are so many like him who suffer daily but still find the will to help
others. Thank you to ALL Veterans and their families. Remember that you don’t have to serve in a war to be a veteran.

The Tampa Bay Lightning organization has taken many measures to recognize military and help in the community as well. They have volunteered at the James A. Haley
Veterans Hospital by serving dinner to wounded heroes and their families. At every home game they hold a standing military salute and feature an active duty or retired veteran, and they often have a member in uniform stand
on the ice with the Color Guard for the National Anthem before a game. I’d like to thank Mr. Vinik and the Lightning for all that they do for our military.

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