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"ESPN Meets Sex And The City" -WHATEVER

There’s a new site out there called While The Men Watch. It’s 2 women who don’t like sports and do articles on girly things like Love Me Like Lunqvist: 5 Sex Games For Hockey Season and Sex On Game Day: Does He Lock It Up Or Love You Down. …really? I mean …seriously? There are worse sites out there, but this one bothers me probably because it’s getting so much attention. I know, my posting an article about it is just feeding into the hype. But I couldn’t resist. There are articles who have my view that it is disrespectful, and there are sites defending it. I can get a bit girly in sports myself, anyone who knows me knows about how I critique Coach Guy Boucher‘s ties that do or don’t match his jacket and shirt. I’m sorry, but you don’t mix plaids with stripes. Especially when the colors don’t even match. Nate Thompson is notorious for wearing plaids with stripes. I asked him one time ‘what’s with you hockey players and your plaids?’ to which he replied something on the lines of it’s an Alaskan tux. Even with my little girly eye for fashion (or the lack of) I’m focused on the sport itself most of the time. I have knowledge of the rules, not just what size skates the hot players wear. These woman aren’t bringing light to sports at all. I watched a video of them on the CBC and they sound like nothing more than glorified puck bunnies. They have actually been sponsored by the CBC and are going to be commentating live through the Stanley Cup Finals. No thank you. I personally can not stand the NBCSP commentators, (especially Cpt. Obvious Pierre McGuire), but I’d rather listen to them than these women talk about their ‘hockey boyfriends’ skating down the ice, and how his butt looks when he bends over to take the face off.  They are a disgrace to sports. I do like the idea of a website for females, and I am actually striving to make one. I made the page Lady Bolts on Facebook last year with the intention of having a place for women to be able to come together and talk sports with out the guys. I saw a female ask on the Lightning’s main Facebook page about a rule regarding offsides and a guy commented that why would she care because she was a female and all we care about is the guys, not the sport. I have been told by a man that I shouldn’t be writing about hockey, that I should be in the kitchen and then proceeded to ask me if I even knew what icing was. I told him it was something that I put on a cake when I bake in the kitchen barefoot. I can tend to be a smart alec, yes. There are plenty of women who watch hockey just for the guys, and we call them puck bunnies. However there is a massive fan base of women just like me who loves the sport. I also love football and basketball. I get all into my Tampa Bay Bucs! I played basketball through school. I probably know more about hockey than half of the men on that Facebook page. I say this not to brag, but there really is a sexist idea of women associated with hockey. Websites like While The Men Watch do not help. On Lady Bolts ladies can ask questions about rules or teams or players, we post up things like biographies of Hall Of Famers and highlight reels. We also want to do good in the community and help with charity. Last year we collected a bunch of hats for Caps For Clayton, a charity that collects ball caps for children with cancer. With the help of The Brandon Ice Sports Forum and The Tampa Bay Lightning we not only met but exceeded our goal.
When asked about the Sedin twins, instead of talking talent, they said that they wonder if the carpet matches the drapes. I find them disrespectful and irritating. That was inappropriate and I’m sure the moral and distinguished Sedins would agree with me. Yet the CBC loves them. I understand that a lot of women are not into sports and get irritated that their men are. If they aren’t into it, find something else to do with your time. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. There are plenty of guys out there who don’t like sports as well, they should hook up with one of them. I met my husband through The Lightning. Our first date was Game 6 of the EFC last year.
I couldn’t resist taking a peek at a couple of their articles. I think I might have some fun reading through them and critiquing them. Let’s see what the REAL women who watch sports have to say about their fluff pieces! On their article Haute Hockey: The NHL’s Best and Worst Dressed List I have to disagree with several of them. The main one on the best dressed list being Sidney Crosby. Sid? Yes, because we know that every man looks great in bright yellow Crocs. (sarcasm) On their worst dressed list they have Carey Price, saying that he’s Garth Brooks meets Zorro. Personally I totally dig the cowboy look, but then again I do live in the South and I do like country music. Ironically especially Garth Brooks. I know a lot of women who love that look as well. I’m surprised they didn’t have him on the hot list, as those cowboy jeans are extremely tight, and they didn’t say something on the lines of they’d like to save a horse. If they are going to mock sports then they can at the least be respectful. They need to remember that these men have wives, girlfriends, children, and mothers.

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