Brett Connolly Photo Taken by: Dolly Reynolds-Dolce

Not Sexism But Disrespectful And Down Right Nasty

Nate Thompson Photo Taken By: Dolly Reynolds-Dolce

Nate Thompson Photo Taken By: Dolly Reynolds-Dolce

In my article yesterday about ”While The Men Watch’ I gave my first opinion of the site and the women who run it. I found the articles to be disrespectful to the players and air headed. I mentioned how they don’t help the image of real women who love the sport (like me) who get a hard time by men, because so many have the view that all women who watch hockey are just watching because of hot guys. I assure you, I am a happily married woman and I am no puck bunny. Neither are the bunch of female hockey fans that I am associated with and talk to on a daily basis… not about the guys, but about hits and goals.

I also did mention that I too can be a bit ‘girly’ and I often critique what they wear. I just can’t help it. I can be girly, be clean, and still respect the sport itself. I usually don’t publish these girly thoughts in my articles, but let me give you an example: Coach Boucher is the best looking coach in all of the NHL, but the man needs help with his attire. He has this purple tie and lavender shirt that I love, but most of the time it’s plaids, stripes and a checkered shirt. Plaid, checks, or stripes are fine with solids. But not worn together. (On a side note he smells wonderful. After a hug from him my jersey smelled awesome for 4 days. Not exaggerating! He refuses tell me what kind of cologne he wears, I’d love to find out for my husband. It’s sort of our joke now.) Brett Clark is always looking sharp, dressed well and matching. I told him that he needs to give the rest of the guys some tips. He said that his wife dresses him. Brett Connolly really does not have great fashion sense at all.

On a dress down day he walked into practice wearing a t-shirt and shorts, a big gold chain, huge sun glasses, and an oversized hat with the flat bill. I was surprised that he didn’t have a clock hanging around his neck. I was seriously waiting for him to bust out in a rap or something. The picture on the right is the most horrible shirt/tie combo that he’s worn in my opinion. The colors match, but those patterns… if he was a man with children, I’d automatically think “Oh, how sweet. He let his children pick out his tie!” -that’s seriously what I thought about Coach Boucher on the first Lightning game of this season. Nate Thompson often mixes plaids and stripes, but on him it looks great. He’s one of those guys who can pull off any look. Short hair, long hair, clean cut, stubble… he’s just manly. As you see in the picture to the left, this is my favorite outfit that he has worn. A lot of people will say that Ryan Malone dresses horrible, like his plaid caramel outfit that he wore at Glitz N Sticks. That looked like something out of the vintage section at Goodwill. However on him, I think it looked great. It’s Bugsy! It’s his personality. I think he dresses awesome for him. Steven Stamkos, Marty St. Louis, and Vinny Lecavalier are the 3 best dressed on the team hands down.

See? There’s no reason to be nasty. I did not talk about the color of pubic hair or sex at all. I’d rather talk about stats and dissect their plays than talk about what they wear any day. I most certainly could never be disrespectful to the players like they are. Yes, they are in the public eye, but they deserve a huge amount of respect. I have been around professional football players and basketball players. They do not hold a candle to hockey players (for the most part) in class. The fan friendly, non-thuggish personalities of hockey players are second to none. There are your NBA exceptions (Charles Barkley, Jeremy Lin) and NFL exceptions (Mike Alstott, Michael Spurlock, Tim Tebow). They wrote an article called 8 Ways To Bring LINspiration To Your Sex Life. Somehow I don’t think the openly moral and Christian Jeremy Lin would approve.  There are also exceptions to the NHL players (Patrick Kane). They have families that don’t need to hear those disrespectful comments. I have children who watch hockey and look up hockey blogs. My daughter would be attracted to a site like While The Men Watch thinking that it’s women who are talking about sports. I would not want her to read that filth.

Last night I did some more research on While The Men Watch. I suffered through the ridiculous reasons why women should love John Tortorella. They mention everything from his wrinkles to him talking dirty to ‘because his team is hot.’ My reasoning would be his personality, how he tells it like it is and doesn’t take any crap from the media, which they did list, and his talent. Yes he has talent. There’s a concept on why to like a player or coach! That would mean they would actually have to watch the sport to recognize that. After I read the article on 6 Things NOT To Say When His Team Loses I had to close the page. I was disgusted. They actually urge women to sleep with their men even if they are on their menstrual cycle and call it ‘taking one for the team’. HOW MUCH MORE NASTY CAN YOU GET? I attempted to listen to them commentate on the game in the first period. I couldn’t listen to more than 3 minutes before I wanted to gouge out my eye or shove a screw driver into my temple. Sex sex sex. ‘Oh there’s Fred Savage. Look at that face, he’s so cute!’ ‘Do you have sex on game day?’ Puh-leez. These women bring sleaze to sports. I am outraged that the CBC has them commentating. They’re really pushing their Hockey Night with While The Men Watch. Anyone who is outraged by this needs to contact the CBC and tell them that we aren’t going to stand for this immorality in our sports!! If you’re in Canada you can call them at 1-866-306-4636. If you aren’t in Canada you can write a letter to them at:

  • Audience Relations, CBC
  • P.O. Box 500 Station A
  • Toronto, ON
  • Canada, M5W 1E6
    Or you can email them by clicking on this link.I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Please comment and give me your feedback. Lena and Jules if you read this and I am looking at this the wrong way, you’d like to give your side of the story, or you’d like to debate me I’d LOVE to hear from you. I’d love to interview you! [email protected]  My name is Dolly Reynolds-Dolce, you can also contact me on Twitter @HulaDolly or send me a msg on Facebook Hula Doll. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

    *This is my personal views, not the views of the FanSided Sports Network. A blog is opinionated, and this is my opinion. I want to make it clear that FanSided is not telling people to call the CBC to complain. That’s just me, personally.

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