TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 29: Vincent Lecavalier #4 of the Tampa Bay Lightning reacts after scoring a goal in the third period against the Montreal Canadiens at the St. Pete Times Forum on December 29, 2011 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images)

Hockey Withdrawals - Is It October Yet???

Well, this off season seems to be lasting forever. Honestly, it seems so much longer than last year’s. Maybe it’s because we aren’t waiting in heavy anticipation for the face of our franchise to re-sign with the team (cough Stamkos cough). Honestly, activity this summer was heavier closer to July 1st. As we moved farther away from that date, activity in the Lightning organization has been scarce. Steve Yzerman made a good number of number of acquisitions during the first few weeks after free-agency commenced, and has not made any major moves as of late. Of course, the worse part isn’t just the fact that there is not much to talk about. The harshest fact about summer is knowing there will be no hockey played on television. This leads to a hockey fan’s worse nightmare: hockey withdrawals (insert dramatic music).

Now, hockey withdrawals are something every hockey fan goes through. I mean, every single fan deals with it in different ways. I mean, some people deal with hockey withdrawals like this … or like this …. I’m not sure exactly which one works best to be honest. I mean, I have not tried either idea. If one of you viewers has some hockey pads, we could certainly reenact the first video. I really don’t recommend yelling “LOSER” at any new born baby, but if that’s how you get it done.. well, you need some help. But seriously speaking, what better way to deal with hockey withdrawals than by watching Stamkos score 60 times all over again? Thank you Stevenstamkos.com for that video.

I heard just yesterday that the Game 6 of the 2004 Stanley Cup Final was on NHL Network. As I have not seen the Lightning win the Cup (I was not a heavy sports fan in 2004) I avoid watching or reading anything that had to with that wonderful run for the Lightning. I listen to the stories, the legends, but for superstitious reasons, I avoid any media that relates to that magical season. I’m always on Twitter, and constantly have my eyes open for any memorable Tweets from those that I follow. In fact, it is around this time a year, the hash tag #IsItOctoberYet starts to take over my feed. I read a Tweet in relation to the game on NHL Network and found it quite comical:

Game 6 of 2004 Stanley Cup Final on NHL network. Those Tampa Bay Lightning guys seem pretty good. Hope they win… – via @thegrlonthewall

Thanks to Larissa for providing that Tweet, definitely helps with the hockey withdrawals.

By the way, don’t we all love Guy Boucher and his facial expressions? This has to be one of my all time favorites…

Ha, wow, I can’t help but laugh hysterically as I look at this image. Seriously though, how does he do it? I think most people would probably get a cramp in his or her face trying to imitate this expression. Another video? I’m surfing Youtube looking for anything that could help with these withdrawals. Alright, I’ve got something. Now, most hockey players are really good with hand-eye coordination. Not this guy, he uses hand-eye-face coordination. He’ll be a first round draft pick soon I think.

My affinity for Stamkos continues. Stammer has always been gifted with his hands, even before he joined the Lightning. Even years later, Stamkos finds ways of of befuddling even the best in the world.

Well, like I said, everyone deals with the long summer off season differently. Some go out and play hockey on the street, while others bring cheering habits with them everywhere. I like to watch my favorite player own the league in every way possible. I also enjoy playing some hockey on the street, or finding a local ice skating rink to skate at (with higher success rates than any of the videos used in this article). The regular season opener in Sunrise is 66 days away, while the home opener against the Islanders is 69 days away. How will you pass this time? This fan favorite should help.

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