Grab Some Popcorn, Sit Back, & Enjoy The Fights

The last video of funny hockey commercials went over so well that I figured I’d make a highlight video post of fights. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good fight! Here’s some of the best Tampa Bay Lightning fights:

First of all, let’s give honorable mention to the Tampa Bay Lightning VS Florida Panthers fans in this fan fight last October. The Lightning fan is actually a good friend of mine. The Panther fan was intoxicated and started it, note that this was in the litter box, not in Tampa. My friends were kicked out, while the Pathers fan got to stay.

2 words. Nacho and Bugsy. Even some Boucher action in this one!

There’s something about Marty fights. At first he looks like he’s trying to give the guy a big bear hug from the back. But don’t underestimate him, he’s no teddy bear. He’s a grizzly and holds his own. Another highlight of this video is the refs holding back Downie, who is shirtless and looking like a rabid animal. Victor Hedman comes in at the end, with all of his fluff. Yes, he may be towering at 10 feet tall, however, he’s too much of a pretty boy to really fight. Yes, I said it. Victor Hedman is pretty.

I remember this horrible game. It was one of the games where Malkin got a hattrick last season against the Lightning, and it was also the game that made my younger son also a Penguin’s fan. It’s ok, I dropped him on his head as a baby. Malkin ducks like the coward he is and Vinny gets him good.

We can’t do a fight highlight night with out some Downie. Gawd I miss that man. I still think they need to put one of those little blurry things over his mouth because you don’t have to be a lip reader to understand what he’s yelling!

Hope you enjoy!

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