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My Thoughts On The CBA & Pending Lockout

I’ve kept pretty quiet on what I think about the lockout. I’m trying my best to remain positive. However, every day is passing and we now have less than a week until dooms day.

As much as I don’t care for Gary Bettman, I know that this is not all his fault. There is a whole panel of NHL executives, Donald Fehr, and the NHLPA all in the mix. Chris Dingman brought up a good point when he Tweeted that this was the same CBA that they missed a whole season for after the Lightning won the Stanley Cup.

The players have stated that they would be willing to play under the same CBA as long as both sides move forward to resolving to an agreement. Bettman says no. Bettman is so easy to pin as the bad guy on this. However, he as well as 9 NHL executives, and Donald Fehr will decline salaries themselves should there be a lockout.

I’m not going to pretend to understand everything that is going on with the changes that they want to make to the CBA. I do know that it has to do with money, contracts, etc… The way that they want to change entry level contracts to five years with no chance of arbitration is ridiculous to me. If I was a player, I certainly would not want that. It’s easy from my little housewife standpoint to say ‘well they are all millionaires so what if they have to lower their salaries a bit?’ But they live by different standards. The fact is that NHL teams actually LOST money last year. That means the owners lost money. If I was a businessman like an owner, I’d be upset if I was losing money too, especially if my players were not playing up to their potentials. The players sign those contracts under the understanding that they will play their best.

With that said, why should the players have to take a rollback on their salaries when they signed a piece of paper that says ‘you will make this much for this many years’? It’s not fair to them. If the owners and GMs aren’t prepared to hold up their end of the bargain, then why do they offer so much to begin with? This offseason alone has had signed some of the most ridiculous contracts that I’ve seen. The amount of years, the money… I mean, seriously. This is what the war is over. ‘Oh, we lost money and are so broke. ‘OOH! Let’s sign an 15 year contract for a billion dollars to this guy who might or might not be healthy for that many years!’ -OK, so I stretched that a bit. It’s not really that far off if you think about it.

All I’m saying is be sensible when you make a contract. Think it through first. Is this guy going to be in the same condition in 12 years? Who knows? Are we realistically prepared to give a single person so many millions of dollars, along with the other millions of dollars that we are handing out to other players on our team? Don’t make an offer if you can’t back it up.  You get screwed. And you end up screwing the players. Then you lose money, rollbacks are called for, and we get in the same mess that we are now. The players feel that they are on the raw end of the deal. The owners feel that they are on the raw end of the deal.

Again I side with Dinger, as he Tweeted that in order for something to happen, BOTH sides need to give in a little.

Today is Sunday, September 9th. There is only 6 days left. Please, guys, give in a little. This just isn’t right. It’s not fair to the owners. It’s not fair to the players. It’s most certainly not fair to the fans. More importantly it’s not fair to the people who work at the forums, local business who profit from the traffic from the games, all of the people who depend on those NHL games to make money for a living.

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