September 12, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NHL players register for the 2012 NHLPA summer player meetings at the Marriott Marquis. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE

Lockout Mode Activated

For those that may not have heard…  we are now in Lockout Mode.  This is the 4th lockout (3rd under Gary Bettman).  Now, I know alot of fans are calling for his head, but I do not subscribe to the notion that he needs to be fired.

There was a demonstration at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, here in Tampa, that called for exactly that.  It is very clear that some fans do not subscribe to the fact that the economic side of the NHL is broken, but in reality… it is, and must be repaired for the long term security of the greatest sport in the world.

I must remind people that Bob Goodenow (former NHLPA Director) forecast this was going to happen when the last CBA was being worked on… and, ultimately signed.  This is a fact that must not be over looked.

While I can go on for hours about this… I will not do it.  I am just asking my fellow fans to think hard about why this is happening, and who it is hurting.  The players are not getting paid during the lockout.  The employees of the Tampa Bay Times Forum are on edge as hockey is a big part of why they are employed.  Think about Channelside District’s shops, the Tampa Bay History Center, and the surrounding businesses.  And, we’re going to cry about missing out on 60 minutes of hockey?

Things happen for a reason, and things that happen for a reason are meant to be a wake up call to everyone.

  • Kat

    This is a crappy article, the writer wasn’t even at the protest and got his information third hand. A lot of stuff said by the protestors at the Forum was left out of both the TV and newspaper interviews!

  • Christina

    While yes, the employees, and business are going to hurt and that’s true. If you even payed the least bit attention to what has been going on during these negotiations, which it doesn’t seem you have, you could see why fans are upset and calling for Bettman to be fired. He is a walking contradiction. He says one thing and then changes it to another. At least the players are giving information that is consistent. I do not believe the it was a unanimous decision to lock out the players, and the fact that the only person that can talk about it is Bettman and has barred the other owners from talking about it speaks volumes. The league says they won’t meet with the players until they agree to roll back salaries but goes to the media yesterday and says they have been waiting by the phone for the PA to call. Do things need to be fixed for the league to survive financially, yes. BUT both sides need to make concessions not just the players losing their shirts. Both sides need to negotiate off of the current proposal on the table rather than negotiating off their last proposal that was shot down. If the owners want a salary roll back maybe they shouldn’t offered the contract in the first place. If the players want revenue sharing how is that going to hurt teams financially? It is the team’s choice to go over the salary cap and revenue share they don’t have to just as they don’t have to spend a ton of money if their ok with their team being crappy (if the cap floor is removed). Do I think firing Bettman is a solution? Yes, I do. I love MY owner, Mr. Vinik. I do not think he wanted a lock out. By the way, Joe, if you wanted to know what ACTUALLY happened at the protest, maybe you should have asked someone who was their, not just reporters who take a bunch of notes and then narrow down what they want the article to read.

  • Hula Doll Reynolds-Dolce

    I have to interject myself here. We were not at the -what I thought was a rally, not a protest- because we were at my grandmother’s house for the day. She had a procedure done on top of dealing with a lot because of a flood that happened in her house and we were there helping her out. I’d planned on going to take pics, interview, and report the TRUTH about why you were there. That is why I had a certain organizer send me the words to publish about the rally, which I did, word for word. There were 2 there if I’m recalling correctly, and the 2nd was a straight on protest according to the guy who organized that. He as well is supposed to be sending me something to publish. What Joe heard on the news was one of the women at the rally call for Bettman’s head. I explained that, though that might be her personal opinion (and mine as well), the rally was not a battle cry for the firing of Bettman. It was in support of the players, and to let them show that we, as fans, still stand behind them 100%. It was also in protest of Daly and his ignorant words when he called us idiots. He understands that now, but everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions. We’re a split house on this one. I say that BOTH sides need to give a little. If I was a player, and I was offered X amount of dollars, you betcha I’d want every penny of it. However the owners need to stop offering these ridiculous contracts if they aren’t prepared to follow through with them. I want Bettman fired, he doesn’t.
    Kat, you know I love you. But before you go calling someone out on not being somewhere you should find out why. I got accused of the same thing when we were having our support rallies during the season when they were on their losing streak. It got around that I said that people who couldn’t make it weren’t real fans. That wasn’t the case at all. People work, they have situations, they have lives. I said the people who were calling us stupid for supporting them when they ‘didn’t deserve the praise’ weren’t real fans. They were the people who were fans only when the team was winning.
    So I think there was a misrepresentation and miscommunication here. The media always tries to make us look like idiots. Especially BayNews 9, where we heard the interview, and a certain writer for a certain TBT paper that will remain unnamed.

  • Joe

    I do respect everyone’s right to their opinion on this matter, and before this article was written… I did some research on what is happening out there. I have been writing about this all week on The Canuck Way. The bottom line is no matter what happens, the two sides are very far apart. Why? Because, it was not done right to begin with back in 2004-2005. The article was not personal, and a good writer (no matter how controversial) reports, and has opinions of their own. I play both sides as a writer, not just as a fan.

  • Jessa Grace

    Good artcle, Joe. I like reading things from a different perspective. As much as everyone seems to hate Bettman, he is doing the job he is being paid for, and since he is hired by the owners, they must be satisfied or his contract would not have been renewed. He will go when the owners tell him to and not before then so this fan will suck it up and get thru this without complaining, arguing or putting other fans down.