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Take A Tour Of Our Site

Sure, you’ve been on to read an article or scan the headlines. Perhaps you just click on the links to read the individual stories, but don’t really explore the page as a whole. There is a whole lot more to the site than just the main headlined articles.

Let’s take a tour. On the top, above the main headlining article, you will see a bar that reads: HOME, ABOUT, LOCKOUT DAY COUNTER, STAY CONNECTED!, and WRITING OPPORTUNITIES. When the season starts, if the season starts, there will also be a TV Schedule tab. Home is what it is, a link to the home page. About gives you the backgrounds of our writing staff. (To be updated soon.) The Lockout Day counter  just keeps count of how many days of mourning that we have been in. Stay Connected! Links you to our Twitter account, our Facebook page, email address, and the Twitter accounts of our staff. Writing Opportunities gives you the information that you need to contact us if you are interested in writing for us. (We are still looking for writers!)

On the side of the page there is a whole bunch of things in between the advertisements that you won’t know is there if you don’t explore the page. There is THE HUB which is the latest hockey headlines via links, Tweets, videos, or quotes. Subscribe is an area where you can enter your email address to be notified whenever a new post hits Bolts By The Bay. (There is also a phone application for, you just have to add us on once you download it for free.) Poll: Be sure to vote in the latest polls. They are, for the most part, changed weekly. When in the season, the schedule will be updated under ‘schedule’. Bolts By The Bay Staff lets you see who is currently on our staff, and by clicking on their name, you can read their biographies and see articles that they have written. The Rink Side Rants player is a great way to catch up on all of the Rink Side Rants pod casts. Related Sites/Blog Roll gives you other FanSided blogs on the ‘related sites’ half, if you click ‘blog roll’ it connects you with links to other Lightning and hockey blogs. Archives allows you to search past articles under any tag that you put in it: example: Tampa Bay Lightning, Vincent Lecavalier, Guy Boucher, etc…

Be sure to poke around the site and explore! There is plenty to see and do on Bolts By The Bay!

Dolly Dolce


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