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NHL Pulls Latest CBA Offer From The Table

In this, the 41st day of the lockout, the NHL has pulled it’s latest CBA offer to the NHLPA. This isn’t getting things done. The NHL said that they weren’t bullying the players (to sign anything quickly), but if they didn’t sign the offer by yesterday, they would withdrawal the offer. They intended the offer to be for a full 82 game season. That is impossible now, and the league officially canceled all games through the end of November as well.

The players have lost 49 working days. So far they have missed out on two paychecks, about 26.9% of their salary. I expect to see more of them sign up to play over seas over the next week.

The union estimated that it would lose 12.3% if they accepted the offer of 50% HRR, a decrease from the 57% that they received in the previous CBA. The next proposal will show less percentage as this offer, Gary Bettman said, was for a full season. This will result in the NHLPA being even more opposed to signing and the season will be lost. I just hope that they don’t wait until August to talk over the summer, like the did this one. They knew that this was going to happen. Why did they wait?

The last time that they union and the league had an in-person talk was on October 18th. Despite the NHL saying that they would meet any time with the players, they refused to resume the talks earlier this week when the NHLPA requested. They said that there would be no use in even meeting with out preconditions. They only wanted to work off of the proposal that they had laid out, yet the players were expected to change theirs.

Some feel that the players get a salary. Period. They shouldn’t have access to the revenue, as that is profit and it should all go to the owners. The latest proposal gave the players their entire salaries, as promised. What those people fail to see is that the player were getting over half of the HRR before, and by yanking that from them, they are cutting their paychecks. The revenue has increased in numbers over the past couple of years. Most businesses offer incentives to employees, a cut of the revenue that the business earns annually. They have some sort of profit-sharing program. In the office that I used to work for, the company paid for a good amount of our medical insurance through the profits-sharing, and at beginning of the year, we saw a small check for our portion of the revenue. Even the great Wal-Mart offers stock options to their employees. I’d also like to remind you that, for the most part, hockey players are the least paid in the four big leagues.

The NHLPA responded to the withdrawal:


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