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Jeff Vinik's Full Of Generosity This Holiday Season

Jeff Vinik is known for his generosity, and he’s not letting us down this holiday season, despite the lockout. He gave 150 team employees a paid holiday vacation from December 20th through January 2. This is an extended holiday vacation and will not count towards their regular vacation time. Team employees are also being given a $75 bonus intended to be spent on others in need.

Many teams have cut employee’s pay and hours. Jeff Vinik is doing everything that he can to ensure that that doesn’t happen. I don’t think that there is another owner like him. He is kind, generous, and genuinely cares about his team, his employees, and the community.

This story is inspiring. If you are able, donate some money or food to someone in need. There are plenty of organizations like Metropolitan Ministries, where the Lightning were earlier today, and The Salvation Army who will put your money or donations to good use.

The Lightning organization is always volunteering in the community. They are in their #10DaysOfGiving right now, where fans all over have the chance to win prizes. You can follow the Tampa Bay Lightning on Twitter to find out when the next gift will be given away, and how you can win!

Dolly Dolce

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