Nov 1, 2012; San Diego CA, USA; Fans of the NHL and the San Diego Chargers hold a sign that reads "Lock out has got us down so we

Are Fans The Victim?

They have come to terms on the framework of an agreement. After 113 days of this horrid lockout, forum workers finally know whether or not to look for other jobs. Half of the fans were happy to hear the news. The other half are crying that they’ve been robbed of half a season and they are sick of being stepped on as fans and they are boycotting for the rest of the season, or not coming back as an NHL fan at all.

Good. Go then. Who needs ya? The forums across North America and Canada will be filled with the people who love the game and will never part from it. I mean seriously, what did this lockout do to US? Nothing except for perhaps inflict boredom and save us money on parking, food, souvenirs, etc. I guess you have that right, however, if anyone should be crying, it should be the lower NHL employees and forum workers. The local business who count on the NHL traffic to survive. This is a ridiculous display of immaturity all around. Hours have been cut, pay has been cut, jobs have been on the line. Fortunately Mr. Vinik did everything in his power not to have that happen to Tampa Bay Lightning employees.

An estimated 625 games have been lost. This includes the Winter Classic and the All Star Game. I was particularly looking forward to the Winter Classic alumni game featuring Tampa’s own Dave Andreychuk. The owners have lost about $8-$10 million dollars a day. The players have lost around 40% of their annual pay. I, however, have lost nothing. In fact, I had a little extra money for Christmas gifts this year because of the lockout.

Come January 15th or the 19th, when it is predicted that they will start the games, I’ll be at the gates with my family waiting to get in and finally start the season. If you want to boycott, then more power to ya. I’m not trying to start another WW3 as I often do with my opinions. If you say that you are going to do something, do it! Seriously, how many of you posted this on your Facebook: “For every game that the NHL takes from me, I’m going to not attend a game once the season starts”? How many of you said that you were not coming back at all this season, or that the NHL has lost you forever? I’d love to hear from you! I’d also love to hear if you hold true to that promise. I get it. A lot of people say things that they don’t mean when they are angry. A lot of people jump on the bandwagon of whatever is the popular fad at the time. I’ve already seen 3 of my friends’ status’ say something  to the affect of ‘I said I’d boycott, but I’m so happy that hockey’s back I’ll be there at the first game!’

All I’m saying is think before you talk/type. Some of you are thinking that I should take my own advice, right? Ha! I do think. I’m just a jerk :)

See you all soon.

Dolly Dolce

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