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Tampa Bay Times Forum: What To Eat

I usually head to Tampa Bay Lightning games after work. As you can imagine, I’m hungry when I get there. I guess if I had my way, there would be a little more variety and excitement in the fare at the Forum.

It’s seldom that I miss a home game so on forty plus evenings in a calendar year, I don’t want to be gagging on hot dogs, popcorn, and pizza – and then more hot dogs, pop corn, and pizza. And listen, I don’t know who decided that Five Guys didn’t belong any more, but those comfort cardiac burgers nourish the heart as well as the soul.

Now, I’m not suggesting that there aren’t enough dining opportunities lining every pathway along the way to my seat. What I am suggesting is that maybe it’s time to look at the creativity of the cuisine that’s being offered. For example, are there enough health food options for the fan who doesn’t want to balloon to 400 pounds after the season?

And as much as I like those fat burgers, I could really enjoy a healthy Subway sandwich. Where is Subway anyway? And my son the firefighter probably wants to know, “Where’s Firehouse Subs?”

Everyone has an opinion. Let me know by responding to the poll below whether or not you’re completely satisfied with the food and drink options at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. And if you’re not, leave me a comment and let me know what options I can recommend in my next email to my ticket representative.

I’m hungry…later.

Are you completely satisfied with the food offerings at Tampa Bay Lightning games?

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  • Dan Alpha

    Treat yourself to Chase Club Level seats. They’re a bit pricey, but well worth the cost, as they include (unlimited) complimentary food and beverage (including wine and beer.) On a side-note – season’s tickets also include free valet parking.

    More than two dozen food-service stations that offer members a broad spectrum of dining selections; from roast beef and smoked turkey carving-stations, to sushi, boiled clams, various traditional bean and pasta and green salads, Italian foods (their sausage and sweet peppers are some of the best I’ve ever eaten,) antipasto, Asian specialties, custom-built subs and sandwiches, Tex-Mex, and numerous other seasonal entrees, as well as a broad array of desserts, ice-cream, tea, coffee and various juices.

    For the cost, the experience is joyously “civilized”, and once you’ve made the plunge, you’ll wonder why you ever rushed through the crammed concourses, trying to wolf down a dog or a pretzel while being jostled by a sea of humanity.

    Arrive early (at least an hour before game-time; when the doors open) and approach the experience with a leisurely perspective – Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

    The amenities offered far exceed the premium paid, and transform the typical Hockey game (as enjoyable as it is, in its’ simplicity) into “a night out”.

    • Tom McQueen


      Check out the results of the poll…it isn’t pretty. Thanks for your post.