Jun 30, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; Nikita Zadorov poses for a photo as he is introduced as the number sixteen overall pick to the Buffalo Sabres during the 2013 NHL Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabre Blues

My second favorite hockey team will always be the Buffalo Sabres. When you’ve braved below zero weather in the middle of winter to park a half-mile away from the Aud and then hike to the game year after year, you’ve paid your dues.

The French Connection (Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin, and Rene Robert) hooked me on hockey. And from those frigid Buffalo nights, my passion for the sport has only grown.

So you can imagine the sadness I feel for a small-market franchise that seems to have lost it’s direction as well as for fans and friends of mine who are losing hope.

Last season was dismal – 22nd in goals per game, 22nd in goals against average, 29th in power play percentage, and 26th in penalty kill percentage. You would think that north is the only direction you could go, right? I’m not so sure.

Sabre’s owner Terry Pegula says he talks to his GM, Darcy Regier more than he talks to his own wife. I don’t know who gets the shorter end of that hockey stick, Mrs. Pegula or Mr. Regier. So far, intimate business chats between Pegula and Regier don’t seem to be producing much marital bliss.

Not long ago, this is how Pegula characterized Regier –

I’m going to do things my way, and one of the things that I like about what I see is there’s a very capable person there, a lot of knowledge under Al Arbour, very knowledgeable person…I built a pretty good company for my life, and one of my main areas in life is you start with a good person, good people, and you work from there. Darcy is in that category.

Talk all you want about how Brett Hull’s no-goal cursed the Sabre’s Stanley Cup hopes. The real millstone around the Sabre’s neck seems to be tattooed with the name of Darcy Regier. And fans in Buffalo deserve better.

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  • chas territo

    All I think is Pegula got awful lucky in business, not by brains. How else can it be explained about his dying, dreadful conviction he’s got the right guy in place? How? Pegs pisses me off every time his name comes up, like a backed up sewer! He creates by his presence” vomitus eruptous”!!

    • Matt Nolan

      Dude pegula is a billionaire like with a b! It takes brains to make money and I’m sorry as disappointed as you are with the sabres terry has saved this team has contributed more toward the city of buffalo than all the court ordered community service you do and if money is any indication of brains then Terry’s got u beat every time I see you your whining go root for the leafs mr Cheeto

      • chas territo

        Matt,1st, you don’t get facetious sarcasm, the hell with your insults, just points to your illiterate defining of words read. You jump on me with insults and immature response to what I wrote. Takes a big man behind an electronic device to reply that way! Are you that type or are you levelheaded and respectful? I know the answer….N O,NO, NO!! Grow the fuck up jerk, have another beer or two and find a pussy to fight, you won’t get it here cuz you are not worthy of more of my time, so go away. You can reply again, but I will not respond to children, especially you!!!!!!!