Apr 21, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Anders Lindback (39) against the congratulated during the first period at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Problem with Frantz Jean

I could write a book on why the Tampa Bay Lightning need a new coach for their goalies. Suffice it to say that while Frantz Jean’s philosophy may have worked back in the day of the old NHL, it’s not working in the new NHL.

Here’s a stat for you. Frantz Jean has worked with five Lightning goalies during the past three seasons and not one of them had a save percentage better than .902 during that time. It’s not a pretty picture.

Over-simplistic would be the word that I use to describe the Jean school of goal-tending. He hammers the “let the puck come to you” method while focusing on good positioning. No one can argue the wisdom of solid positioning, but being a slave to technique without accepting the fact that shooting patterns have changed in the new NHL means that your approach isn’t meeting the demands of today’s game.

In the words of Frantz Jean,

Everything is based on being well-positioned in the (crease) and being in the shooting lanes.

And while this might work well for Henrik Lundqvist, Carey Price and others, you better not suggest it to Pekka Rinne or Jimmy Howard. And don’t forget Dominik Hasek, the poster boy for aggressive, mobile, challenge the shooter-type goalies.

The 7 last words of a dying organization are “We’ve always done it this way before.” Let’s hope that someone in the Lightning front office sees the light soon. I don’t think I can handle another season of underperforming goaltenders chained to a philosophy that’s in need of a slap shot to the head.

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  • Curdawg

    He is going to totally ruin Bishop and Lindback when he gets a whole spring training and complete season in with them. He should have been gone after he ruined Roloson who had been on fire when he started for the Bolts and carried us into the playoffs. After Frantz spent another season with Rolli ,he was ruined!!!!
    I agree with you on getting rid of Frantz!!!!

  • bluejays79

    I don’t think that has to do with Goaltending coach as much as people want it to be. I would lay the blame on sports psychologist, the Goalie coach can only do so much. Last season most of the soft goals that went in, where not something you can coach, it was all in the goaltenders head. Soft goals can only be prevented if the goalie is confident in his abilities.
    Lindback last season was confident in his abilities for maybe 3 games, then his defense let him down, scored some highlight goals on him, lost his confidence and then softies became an every game thing. I agree our goalie coach should be replaced, but like an old coach use to tell me: ” If you want to score, you need to get through 5 guys and the goalie” well those 5 guys should take some of the blame. I still think Mike Smith’s success is part due to Phoenix’s defensive system (they actually have the defense in place to successfully play a defensive game) Ilya Bryzgalov actually had success in that system.
    Anyways I think the only reason Mr. Jean is still with the team is because of Steve Yzerman understanding that our Defense has been horrible for the last little while, I expect our defense to have a much better season, which will help our Goalies become more confident in their ability to stop pucks and help the Tampa Bay lightning become a winner! I expect Lindback to take #1 Goalie honors, and the lightning to squeak in the playoffs!
    PS sorry for making this so long lol