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Game Day--Whoot whoot!


Excitement abounds, my fellow Bolts Fans!  Tonight’s the first of two preseason home games, as you well know, and I can hardly wait!

Jersey?  Check.

Season ticket?  Check.

Training camp roster? Check.

What?  Don’t you die-hards bring reference material to the game?  Since these preseason games in essence showcase the training camp attendees, I’m gonna need that player list to keep track of them all, despite having already lost 3 attendees to the cut (Eric Brassard, Brett Welychka, and Jake Dotchin).  So that leaves about 25 new guys to watch.  And have you noticed how many names are getting longer and harder to spell?  Correctly? And after I gave one player grief about penmanship while getting his autograph, I should at least return the favor by spelling his name right. Except it’s only 1 letter different from another player.  Who’d have thought there’d be so much homework…

Yeah, I know they hand out those roster cards at the game, but those don’t have all the info on everyone.  And I do enjoy reading the booklets that are handed out supposedly on a monthly basis (though last year’s books tended to be the same one with a different cover, but I digress.)

Anyway, whatever it takes to fully enjoy the experience that is hockey, I’m in it for the long haul.  And if I can make my husband shake his head when I know player stats, well, that’s just icing on the cake!



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