Tampa Bay Lightning forward Ondrej Palat (18) carries the puck. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Following The Olympic Bolts

What a great day!  We have men’s hockey starting today with the first game of the Olympic preliminary round and the two games currently being played include three of our Tampa Bay Lightning members, D Radko Gudas and F Ondrej Palat for the Czech Republic against Sweden, and G Kristers Gudlevskis for Latvia against Switzerland.

The games, however, are being played on different channels (USA Network and MSNBC) at the same time, which naturally poses a bit of a logistics problem.  If you’re lucky enough to be at home or in another place that allows watching TV and subsequently leaping back and forth between channels, then the question for you is, “Do I jump back and forth and try to watch both games live, or do I record one and watch each game in full back to back?”

If you have the luxury of time (and space on your DVR), I recommend recording one and watching them in full, giving each their full due.  Not to mention the added bonus of fast-forwarding through the commercials (gasp!) and other such distractions.

As I write this, I’ve chosen to jump back and forth, but I’ve realized how difficult this is, because inevitably something big will happen in one game while I’m perusing the game on the other channel.  Like just now.  Thank goodness I can “rewind” the DVR!  (I won’t spoil the event(s) in case you watch a later recording.)

I also found it takes some game time to find our guys and what number they’re wearing in order to follow their plays.  And the announcers, who tend to focus on the bigger named players, and despite being NHL guys, are skewering some of the names so you can’t recognize who they’re talking about.  For instance, they are pronouncing Palat as ‘pallet’ with emphasis on the first syllable.  He is sporting his familiar #18, however, for future reference.

Anyhoo, the games can be found throughout the day and night on USA Network, MSNBC, and NBCSN through your perspective cable providers.  And you can always find the exact day, time, channel, and venue for each match daily on our fabulous Bolts By The Bay website.

Go Bolts, err, Go Bolts that are playing Olympic hockey!

Next problem:  Which team to root for?

Update:  Gudas wears #3.

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