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Tampa Bay Lightning 2013-14 Season: It All Comes Down To This

Well, here we are.  It all comes down to this.  The possible end to a truly great season.  It all rides on the result of tonight’s playoff game.  Game Four.  In Montreal.  The Bell Center.  A very loud, very bias crowd.  A crowd looking to see the Canadiens sweep the Tampa Bay Lightning right out of the playoffs.  On their ice.  For good and all.  At least for this season.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll be back and we won’t forget this.  No matter tonight’s result.  We won’t forget Game Three.  The No Goal.  The promise it might have suggested.  The change in momentum it could have been.  We won’t forget a single thing about this series.

It is series like these that make division rivals truly rivals.  I think Tampa Bay just made an enemy in the Atlantic.  An enemy we will be seeing and battling often in the coming years.  And I look forward to each of those future contests.  With fervor.

Because it’s about the Cup.  And it always will be.  The Bolts want to – they need to bring the Cup back to Tampa Bay.  It’s about more than just 101 points in the regular season.  Though, that is great.  It’s about more than just Vezina’s, Jack Adams’ or Calder Trophies.  Though, those are great, too.  It’s about more than just the third best season record in franchise history.  Though, that’s impressive as all hell considering the season that proceeded it.

It’s about the Cup.

And if the Bolts can’t make the same success happen in the playoffs then all of that fancy stuff they do in the regular season doesn’t actually mean a whole lot.  Not if it doesn’t come together for a Cup.  The players know this.  The coaches know this. And of course, the fan base knows this.  We can be proud of our Bolts for what they’ve done.  And we are.  But at the end of the day we have to put our money where our mouths are.  And by money I mean players/talent.  And by mouth I mean potential/intentions.

The Lightning needs to show everyone in the league that they got the stuff to compete for a Cup again.  We showed this year that we could be part of the playoff equation, but next year, and the years that follow, we will have to show the answer to another equation.  We will have to show the solution to the Cup Equation, and that we have the stuff to solve it.

I think we do.  I think we will be a Beast in the East over the next couple years.  Once a few details are smoothed out at our blue line and we gain a little more depth in net, I think we’ll have a far better team.  A more well-rounded team ready for an 82 game season and a deep playoff run.

I further think that the bad taste this series leaves in the mouth will not be gone very quickly.  I dare say this series will taste wrong for years to come.  And the Bolts will make other teams in future Playoff Game Four’s take great big bites of it.  The bitter taste of playoff disappointment.

I think the young players who just got to the dance for the first time only to be asked to leave before even getting fully jiggy with it will be hungry to come back.  To dance a full turn around the dance floor.  To get unhinged and dance like no one is watching.

And I think some players who never even got a taste of the dance floor at all, after being one of the main reasons for getting his team there (Ben Bishop) will be just as hungry to see the hallowed ground he helped bring his team to (in a limo of sorts if you’re following my prom metaphor).

This will be a hungry team over the next several years, I think, and with hungry teams, come hefty appetites for division rivals.  Be forewarned Atlantic.  The Lightning will be coming again, and again, and it won’t get any easier from here.  Enjoy your first round victory (if it happens) while it lasts, Montreal.  The Lightning are going to do everything in their power next season and in the following seasons to make sure it’s the last one you enjoy, at their expense, for quite awhile.

You bring the dance floor, and we’ll bring the dancing shoes.

Signed, the 2014-15 Lightning.


And hey, they could win tonight and stage an amazing series comeback.  You never know.  It’s the Cup and stranger things have happened.

The dance is never over until it’s over.

You got to love metaphors.


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  • Aardy

    Biased crowd, not bias. BTW… what home crowd is not biased towards their team? As for the no-goal… as much as I think it should have counted the rules say otherwise. While on that topic how come there is almost zero mention of the disallowed goal Montreal scored after a quick whistle that had no business being blown?

    Another missed discussion here in Florida is the idea that Stamkos suffered a serious knock to the head and was back in the game to start the third. Are you kidding me? This guy is the franchise and regardless of his talent level there is no way he or anyone else injured like that should be allowed back in the game. Horrible decision by the coach and the medical staff.

  • Pridenpoise

    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes, it’s the playoffs and sometimes calls go your way and sometimes they don’t. Tampa has been outplayed this whole series, rest assured the goal had no bearing on the outcome of this series. You think Tampa is going to be around for years to come, I’ve got news for you the Canadians are a young team, and they will always be standing in their way. Later I’m off to celebrate a SWEEP. Go have some cheese with that whine.