Alex Tanguay and Other Gripes

Sorry for the delay between posts here.  Boy it’s tough to type when you have broken both of your hands punching your Tampa Bay Lightning Fathead on your wall, because you think that will help you make sense of some of the moves your team has made! No, I’m just kidding, and being a tad bit harsh.

The Bolts front office have made few moves that I, as the generally angry, glass half empty kind of fan, am not too mad about. Brian Lawton and whichever one of the owners is helping in the decision making this off season, went out and filled our gaping holes on defense. They have resigned large bodies and promising young talent like Matt Smaby and Matt Lashoff, as well as gone and picked up veterans like Walker, and Ohlund. These are my likes.

I really only have two dislikes.

1.) The Vinny Prospal contract buyout bothers me. Why not try and trade him? And why buy him out to go after someone with a bigger name, but very, very similar numbers in Alex Tanguay. The argument here for Tanguay will be that he had/has the potential to score more points then Vinny did, but his numbers have steadily decreased year by year. 80 point seasons are great, but this isn’t 2006 anymore.  Tanguay is younger than Vinny, but we all know that in hockey 34 isn’t really that old! Look at Mark Recchi. The guy will be 42 this season, and he had 60 points last year! Apparently Vinny Lecavalier, and Marty St. Louis pushed hard for the signing of Tanguay so i’m sure they know something that I don’t (besides how to be rich, and play hockey really well, and speak  french) The reports on the deal say it’s for one year, so at least if things don’t work out, we wont get hung with his hefty contract. Probably a good thing since we are still paying off that Prospal buyout.

2.) The Lightning organization sucks at throwing “parties” for their season ticket holders! My brother and I went to the season ticket holder get together for the Bolts “Fanfest” yesterday, and unless you like waiting in a 30 minute line for warmed up meatballs and chicken nuggets, then this thing was a bust.  The rest of fan fest was ok. With stuff for kids to do, and auctions, and a Q&A with some players it was a fun afternoon. I’m not really sure what I am looking for in one of these things, but I know its not chicken nuggets!

This was the highlight of the “party”. The elevators are sweet!