Lightning Play By Play…Sort Of!


During Wednesday night’s hockey game, I was unable to attend because I was attending the City of Palms Basketball Tourney in Ft Myers Fl. This tournament is the premier high school basketball tournament in America, and I attend every year. My brother went to the game of course, and we started chatting by Blackberry Messenger, as we always do about the game if one of us can’t make it. We decided to put that entire conversation up as little different style post. You can get a good feel for the game even through reading this back and forth dialogue between me and my brother. Hope you enjoy. You’ll have to excuse the grammar and the punctuation as we were on our phones.

Kyle Staggers: Ugh the flyers…

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Beat that ass.  I hate them.  I’d love to be there.

Kyle Staggers: Smaby, Blair gettin rowdy

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Nice.

Kyle Staggers: Eesh 1 zip. Cut your hair Carcillo. Smitty just took someones stick and threw it across the ice after he was being poked with it

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Nice! Who scored for them

Kyle Staggers: Betts

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Ladell?!

Kyle Staggers: Haha Blair. Defense is playing like shit.

Kyle Staggers: I hate this whole team. I feel like they just skate around and play dirty.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: They r dirty.  Always have and always will be.   Like they always say, u live in dirt, your probably from philly!

Kyle Staggers: Eesh. Smitty is getting worked. 2 zero. F@*# you richards

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Damn

Kyle Staggers: Vinny got cross checked to the ice then he got up and chopped the hell out of carcillos hand. I hate this team. Both got penalties. Swerve wants to see vinny fight tonight!! Haha

Dustin Staggers – SEI: I don’t want vinny to fight carcillo though.  Let him fight simon gagne or something!

Kyle Staggers: Haha I know it. I don’t want anyone to fight carcillo

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Zenonsian can fight him.

Kyle Staggers: Starting to get chippy. Rrrealll chippy

Dustin Staggers – SEI: I’m sure.  Well fight.  I’m not sure if they heard.

Kyle Staggers: YES!!!!!!!! A little zenon carcillo after the whistle talks. I wonder if they were just wishing each other a merry xmas

Dustin Staggers – SEI: They fight yet or what.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Real heavyweight bout if they do.

Kyle Staggers: No but meszaros and halpern just double crushed briere

Kyle Staggers: Oh shit its going down now

Dustin Staggers – SEI: YesssssssS

Kyle Staggers: Zenon just tried to get at it with carcillo

Kyle Staggers: And downie just dumped someones ass during it

Dustin Staggers – SEI: I love it.  Damn I wish I was there.

Kyle Staggers: They kept em seperate but its gonna happen

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Ya that’s pointless

Kyle Staggers: Downie dumped parent. Never heard of you! 5 on 4 now. Energy is nice in here even though we are losing

Dustin Staggers – SEI: I’m sure.  Fans love fisticuffs

Kyle Staggers: Xmas fans. I’d say its 60% Full in here

Kyle Staggers: We’ve got a 3 on 5 for 30 seconds. The first 130 of that pp looked good too. Let’s do it

Kyle Staggers: Nevermind…..had a lot of chances. Just couldn’t get it through

Kyle Staggers: ZZZZEEENNNOOONNNN!!!!!!

Dustin Staggers – SEI: YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaáaaaaAaaaaaaaa

Kyle Staggers: Downie stole it and hit the post then zenon put it in!!!!

Dustin Staggers – SEI:


Kyle Staggers: 1st of the season.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: My favorite player.  Him and malone

Kyle Staggers: Downie is playing with a purpose right now. Blair jones looks good too

Dustin Staggers – SEI: He was scoring a lot in norfolk.

Kyle Staggers: Smaby just crushed briere!! Love it

Kyle Staggers: Hedman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Scored?   Ahhhhhhhhh

Kyle Staggers: Yeah!!!! 2 to 2

Kyle Staggers: We are playing like we should this period. 9 shots this period. 646 left in the second

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Nice.  Keep me informed.

Kyle Staggers: Always. We should find a way to put this conversation up on bbtb. It might be interesting right?

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Ya it would.  I’m sure we could export it to email or something.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: I was reading an interesting article on today.  It was talking about penalties called for and against all the teams.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: The Sens had the worst differential, way more called against them then for them. I hate them as much as any team. Its because of that joker Neil.

Kyle Staggers: I hope neil falls out of a pickup truck Dustin Staggers – SEI: Ouch.  Too soon!!

Kyle Staggers: Too soon?? Too soon? Hahaha

Dustin Staggers – SEI: C-Hen.   Let’s hope Neil falls out of the back of a box truck.  That’s different.   Tuuuuuuurrrrrrrttttttttlllllllllleeeeeeeee!

Kyle Staggers: What’s turtle?

Dustin Staggers – SEI: You were never their when the girl who used to sit to the right of us would scream Turtle so loud at Chris Neil that the whole arena could here her.

Kyle Staggers: Haha no. What’s it mean?

Dustin Staggers – SEI: He was being his normal sorry self, Roy tried to fight him and he skated away like a little bitch. He was then called Turtle from that point forward.  She brought signs and everything.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Tuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrtttttttttllllllllllleeeeeeee! Classic.

Kyle Staggers: Haha that’s awesome! Halpern and fedoruk out for the rest of the game. Down to 10 forwards

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Damn.  KFoster dress?

Kyle Staggers: Yeah as a Dman

Kyle Staggers: Smaby foster meszaros hale ohlund hedman

Dustin Staggers – SEI: So he moves up.  Hed, Mattias…Mez, smaby and Kfoster rotates.

Dustin Staggers – SEI: With Hale as the last dman

Dustin Staggers – SEI: What’s up with that bum Krajicek?

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Doc Rivers is here

Kyle Staggers: Hopefully he got traded for some more stick tape. Send tanguay with him get some extra water bottles

Kyle Staggers: Nice on doc rivers!

Dustin Staggers – SEI: !!!!!

Dustin Staggers – SEI: His son is the best junior bball player in the country, true stud.

Kyle Staggers: I love that smitty dumps people who come into his crease. He’s awesome even if he isn’t the best of goalies

Dustin Staggers – SEI: He’s gangster. Always holds sway with the fans.

Kyle Staggers: I think I like smaby a lot more then the coaches. He been playing a real physical game. I always have liked that, hence my poor purchase of the OB jersey

Dustin Staggers – SEI: !!!

Kyle Staggers: Whooo zenon wants two. Blair set it up with a nice defensive play..

Kyle Staggers: Energy is nice in here for once!

Dustin Staggers – SEI: About time.

Kyle Staggers: Eesh 3 to 2 on a tic tac toe that had smitty beat….

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Damn

Kyle Staggers: 2 for betts tonight. Its like their 3rd line too

Kyle Staggers: Leighton has made some pretty sweet saves..this game could be a lot different

Kyle Staggers: I guess any game could be a lot different. He’s playing well

Kyle Staggers: 2 on 1. Smaby did all he could. 4 to 2

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Damn.   Smittys fault?

Kyle Staggers: God I hate mike richards. It burns losing to this team. Bunch of gays

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Pronger and j carter.  That’s there only respectable players.

Kyle Staggers: Hahaha Idk who #28 for them is but vinny just took him to puck handling school. Made him look like a fool

Kyle Staggers: A guy in the section next to us just started the “dirt-bag-fly-ers” chant

Kyle Staggers: I liked it

Kyle Staggers: 5 to 2 empty netter

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Damn. That’s a wrap.  Were starting to fall hard.

Kyle Staggers: I wouldn’t put all the blame on Smitty. He could def be better

Kyle Staggers: At least 2 of those were lame

Kyle Staggers: 3rd star for downie. 2 for richard 1 for betts

Dustin Staggers – SEI: Its been fun.