Injured Bolts Set To Return To Lineup Tonight

Victor Hedman (Photo Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE)

As we all are well aware of, it has been a rough year both mentally and physically for our Tampa Bay Lightning, from the repeated injuries to the appearance of a letdown after last year’s surprising success.  However I am not yet willing nor wanting to call this season a letdown, only when the Bolts stop striving and stop being relentless, is when I will call this season a letdown.  But that is beside the point, tonight the skaters, management and fans are all in a good mood.  Victor Hedman, Tom Pyatt, Ryan Shannon, and JT Wyman will return to the ice!

The recovery break All Star Break has long been awaited for by this team, as our injured skaters have missed a total of 49 games (from most recent injury and excluding Mattias Ohlund).  Sure it has not been the season we all would have like it to have been, but it has been a better season then some might believe.  Due to our numerous injuries, the Lightning have been able to show off their organizational depth, something a number of other teams are missing.  It is because of the Norfolk Admirals that our Bolts have continued to fight and strike as this season has trudged forward.

Though, as good as our organizational depth is, we still need our top skaters healthy.  As mentioned earlier we are getting four back tonight, but we are still without Marc-Andre Bergeron, Ryan Malone, Adam Hall, and Dana Tyrell (who unfortunately will be out for the rest of the season).  Other than Tyrell, there are no details for when we can expect the others to return.

For now, let us rejoice in the fact that we have four missing pieces returning tonight.  I do not expect a lot of big plays or a lot of ice time, but their presence on the bench and on the ice is sure to spark the rest of the Bolts as they take on Washington tonight at home.  Welcome back gents and Go Bolts!

Take care and take it easy
– Jim Courteau

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