5 Reasons to root for the LA Kings


As most of us know the playoffs are officially over and the conferences have been conquered so now it’s time for hockey fans to make their final decision on what team to support in the Stanley Cup finals. This year, for many the decision might be a little harder to make without Boston in the playoffs, which automatically meant for me the other team (the Vancouver Canucks) had to win. The following is an itemized (in no particular order) and detailed list of why Tampa Bay Lightning Fans should root for the Los Angeles Kings to win the Stanley Cup for anyone left a little torn between teams.

5. New Jersey is too close to New York
• You wouldn’t cheer for the Yankee’s in the World Series against the Dodgers, would you? New Jersey is just too close for comfort. If you rooted against the Rangers in the playoffs it’s time to switch sides and cheer for LA because really, how different is New Jersey from New York? Just a quick ferry ride away. Remember that.

4. The New Jersey Devils won TBL’s conference
• It’s okay to be bitter that we didn’t win our conference much less make it to the playoffs (whether it was our own fault or not). Everyone wants to see their team at the top, that doesn’t make one a sore loser. Basically, the LA Kings had nothing to do with us not winning our conference whereas the Devils did pose more competition.

3. The LA Kings gave us Teddy Purcell
• That was pretty nice of them, don’t you think? I rather like having Purcell on our team no matter what we had to do to acquire him. It was cool of the Kings to not to pursue keeping him in their ranks, he looks better in blue regardless.

2. Simon Gagne
• Two names should sum that point up fairly well.
But really, ex-bolt Gagne was cleared less than 24 hours ago of concussion symptoms and is now eligible to play for LA for the cup. We miss Gagne, don’t we? He’s expected to play on Wednesday and will travel with the team.

1. The Kings have more American’s then the Devils do
• On the active roster the La Kings have seven American players whereas the Devils have six. I know it may not seem like a big difference worthy of a point however as TBL is an American team and I’d make an educated guess that most of its fans are American’s, let’s show a bit of patriotism! We American have got to stick together! Not that I don’t love all Canadians and Swedes equally… okay maybe Swedes a little more…