The Art of Hockey: Goalie Masks


So amid the lockout and all of the frustrations surrounding it, it has been quite difficult to come up with things to entertain you, the reader, with. I’m sure you all have grown tired of hearing about the lockout, and just want to see hockey be played. Of course, that is not the case. However, as I was brainstorming hockey topics this morning, the topic of hockey masks came up. A week ago, while watching a recording of the last Lightning game against the Jets in which Steven Stamkos scored his 60th goal, my significant other exclaimed “Nice mask!” as the camera zoomed into Roloson for a close-up. I agreed, and have begun pondering what other goalies have nice hardware protecting their face. What you will see here is my selection of a few goalie masks that I find interesting. There is no particular order to these masks, they are just a few that I enjoy or have enjoyed seeing.

Credit: David Hutchison via

Marc-Andre Fleury’s Winter Classic mask was simple and crisp. I love the baby blue color and the jawline accent.

Credit: Via Sports Illustrated Kids

As if Tim Thomas isn’t intimidating enough on his own, he’s got a mask here that will send chills down your spine.

If Darth Vader played hockey he would be Jonas Hiller…

By Kelvin Kuo, US Presswire