Tampa Bay Lightning: 2014-15 Defense Grades

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We’ve already taken a look at the Goaltenders, now let’s take a look at how the Tampa Bay Lightning‘s defensemen shaped up in the 2014-15 season.

As time moves on, and we put a little distance between ourselves and the end of the NHL playoffs, it becomes a little easier to reflect on the 2014/2015 Tampa Bay Lightning season and see it for the magical run that it was.  A little easier.

That does not negate the heartbreak of coming so (so, so) close to seeing our boys hoist the… You know what?  I’m still not ready to go there.  So let me abandon that image before I put it into words.

We are, however, perhaps finally at a point where we should be ready to look back at the year with a critical eye on our boys in Lightning blue, both the ones instrumental in the magic and also the ones who, maybe, just maybe, were part of the reason why the Lightning couldn’t muster up just two more wins for the…  … Nope, still not ready for the image.  But I am ready, in the following pages, to review the Bolts’ season, player by player.  Let’s hope there aren’t too many tears involved.

Let’s start out with a look at the Lightning defense.  Players will be listed numerically and graded in accordance to their performance in balance with their pre-season expectations.

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