Jason Garrison Scores First-Ever 3-on-3 OT Goal In Home Opener (Video)


Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Jason Garrison score the first-ever 3-on-3 overtime goal to win the game for the Lightning.

The Tampa Bay Lightning sure know how to put on a show. After a spectacular opening ceremony and the unveiling of the Lightning’s 2014-15 Eastern Conference Championship Banner, the Tampa Bay Lightning shined in the most important place, on the ice.

The Lightning got off to a rather rocky start, but by the time the second period kicked into play it seemed as if the Lightning had found their comfort zone and were ready to bring the game to the Philadelphia Flyers. Ironically, the same player who kicked the Lightning’s scoring efforts into motion would be the same player who would score the exciting goal that sealed the deal for the Lightning.

Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Jason Garrison would be the first player to put the puck in the back of the net on Thursday night at the Amalie Arena. Lightning alternate captain Ryan Callahan would play the puck to the left of Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Steve Mason.

Once he realizes he doesn’t have a clear shot on net, Cally passes the puck back to Jason Garrison, who is anxious awaiting the puck at the blue line. Without hesitation, Garrison lined up his shot and fired the puck towards the goal. Just like that, the puck would sail past Mason and into the back of the net.

While his next goal of the night will be the one Tampa Bay Lightning fans will be talking about weeks from now didn’t come until the final moments of the game. The Tampa Bay Lightning found themselves tied at 2 with the Flyers when the buzzer would sound the end regulation. Now, the Lightning and the Flyers would be headed to the brand new 3-on-3 overtime period.

There was a scare in the early moments of the 3-on-3 overtime when Scott Laughton would be awarded a penalty shot from a check from behind by Lightning center Tyler Johnson. Thankfully, Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop was on his game and was able to shut down the second penalty shot of the game.

Around the halfway point in the overtime period, the Tampa Bay Lightning would find themselves fighting for puck possession in their defensive zone. They knew in the back of their minds if they were going to make a move, the time was then. Valtteri Filppula was able to get control of the puck behind the Lightning net and play the puck forward. This is where Alex Killorn got a piece of it.

Killorn would break the puck free from Flyers defenseman Evgeny Medvedev, which would be once again picked up by Filppula. As Filppula progressed forward, he would hand the puck off to Alex Killorn.

Killorn would make two strides before he would pass the puck forward to Jason Garrison. Garrison would turn on the afterburners and approach Mason on a breakaway. Truth be told, Mason never had a chance as the puck soared right under Mason’s left blocker and into the back of the net.

What makes this even more memorable is that it was the first-ever 3-on-3 overtime goal in National Hockey League history. This is not something people are going to forget anytime soon.

As we have mentioned before, we still have some reservations about the new 3-on-3 overtime format; however, we would be lying to you if we told you the new overtime format was anything but spectacularly exciting from a fan’s perspective. This, my friends, is another story for another time.

What did you think about Jason Garrison’s heart pounding overtime winner? Was this your big moment of the night? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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