Top Five Tampa Bay Lightning Players From the 2022-23 Season

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5. Mikhail Sergachev, Defenseman

It was one of the top seasons in the career of Mikhail Sergachev. He played in 79 games this season and was a big time contributor not only on the defensive end of the rink, but also in the offensive zone.

Sergachev was a highly efficient puck-passer in 2022-23. He finished with 54 assists. Thus was by far the largest amount in any season in his now seven-year career. He also tied his largest goal total in his career (10). His goal scoring ability was similar to 2019-20 when the Lightning won the Stanley Cup.

An interesting note to make about Sergachev was that he had the most shots on goal of any season he has had (156). It shows that this season he stepped up with being an extra aggressor on offense. A lot of that had to do with increased time on the Lightning’s top power play unit.

The offensive aggressor mentality as both a puck-sharer and shot-creator was a great thing to see for the Lightning allowing him to make this list.