Top Five Tampa Bay Lightning Players From the 2022-23 Season

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4. Alex Killorn, Left Wing

Killorn was an efficient point getter for the Bolts in 2022-23. He finished with a career-high 64 points (27 goals and 37 assists). This was coming off a career high the season before with 59 points in 2021-22.

The biggest thing about how Killorn stood out this season was his ability to hone in more on his shot and overall shooting percentage. In the best season of his career for puck accuracy, Killorn shot with a 18.9% shooting percentage.

This may not seem like a huge number, but it was a whole 8% above the league average shooting percentage this season.

The past two seasons, especially this past one, have shown well improved assist numbers for Killorn as well. It seems that as he ages, he seems to get better with sharing the puck with his teammates.

It was an incredibly good offensive season for Killorn this year and it earned him a spot on the list and likely a big contract in free agency.