Tampa Bay Lightning: The Real Matt Carle Effect

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Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Matt Carle doesn’t seem to be a favorite of fans and observers, but most of that criticism is unwarranted. Today, we will go over just how valuable Matt Carle is this team.

Anytime Tampa Bay Lightning fans see Matt Carle on the ice, it seems like they always expect something bad to happen. They don’t see the 6’0 205 lb as a valuable part of this team and even wonder why he is on this team at all. Well, the reason he is on this team is because of the $5.75 million dollar salary that counts against the cap, but at the same time, though he may not be worth that specific amount as of this moment, Carle is a solid defender that makes many underrated plays that go unnoticed by fans and spectators.

If you look up the name Matt Carle on Twitter, you’ll see some very…. interesting opinions about the Lightning defender with colorful language being used more often than not. Here are a few examples of some tweets from Tampa Bay Lightning fans that express their displeasure with Carle.

As you can see, these individuals are not necessarily part of the Matt Carle fan club, but they are part of the overwhelming majority of fans that seem to only notice the poor plays Carle is involved in and not necessarily the good plays that help the team win games. In this article, we will break down the play of Matt Carle and show just how important he is to this team. Hopefully after you are finished reading you will understand just how much of the criticism aimed in Carle’s direction is unwarranted.

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