Tampa Bay Lightning ask fans for input on future third/alternate jersey

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 3: Anton Stralman
TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 3: Anton Stralman /

The Tampa Bay Lightning know its fans love the option to buy an alternate/third jersey, so the team has reached out seeking input on past designs to help shape the future.

The Tampa Bay Lightning need your help deciding what to wear!

That’s right. The Bolts reached out via text, email, carrier pigeon and social media Tuesday afternoon, soliciting the opinions of its loyal fanbase in shaping the design of a potential third jersey design for the 2018-19 season.

The good news is they’re not above bribing you! Filling out the survey enters you for the chance to win some sweet stuff. The grand prize is a new 2017-18 Adidas Jersey autographed by your favorite Tampa Bay Lightning player. First prize  is a $200-gift card to Tampa Bay Sports, followed by $100 for second and $50 for third.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to wrack your brain too hard, unless you’re really indecisive about what you like. The survey should take most people less than five minutes.

Among the brain busters: do you own a Tampa bay Lightning jersey? If so, how many and which style is your favorite? Among the options — home and away jerseys from 1992-94, 1995-01, 2001-07, 2007-11 or 2011-2017 and alternate jerseys from 1996-99, 2008-14 and 2014-17 — why is that style your favorite?

If your brain hasn’t overheated yet, you can move onto questions about preferred colors and accent colors, whether you prefer a sleek and modern minimalist alternate Tampa Bay Lightning jersey or one with more stripes, colors, bells and whistles. Would a different/new numbering style tickle your fancy? How likely are you to buy?

I’m a big fan of alternate jerseys. Mind you, I like novelty jerseys too.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a combination of the two, like the fake alternate the Tampa Bay Lightning teased in 2014.

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That’s the latest in the land of Bolts couture. Make your voice heard or you’ll have no right to complain when the next alts look like the beautiful disaster that was the 1996 Storm Alternate. Stay tuned to Bolts by the Bay to see who might be filling out the roster and wearing those fancy new duds.